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Construction within the healthcare industry is constantly evolving and requires a specialised skill set to navigate the complex environment. To accommodate the aging population and increased regulations, the healthcare industry is experiencing a growth in new construction, renovations, expansions, and upgrades. JSW possesses the knowledge and experience to facilitate these projects from concept to closeout. As a leader in providing healthcare construction solutions, JSW has assisted a variety of clients within the healthcare industry. We offer a broad range of services to address the specific needs of each client during every phase of the project lifecycle. These services include project planning, risk management, construction management consulting, cost estimating and scheduling.

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Project Management

JSW has developed its project management approach based on our extensive healthcare construction experience, which gives us a unique and in-depth understanding of what can potentially go wrong on a project. We use this knowledge to identify potential trouble spots on a project before they develop into issues and to recommend or initiate preventive action through strategic planning and controls.

Healthcare construction projects face all of the usual challenges of construction in addition to healthcare-related factors. These factors, such as uninterrupted patient care, may require creative construction solutions to execute successfully.

Working in live care environments

Health & Safety

Safety on all our healthcare projects means keeping the construction site as clean and organised as possible. Our experienced professional tradesmen and project managers recognise that standards for cleanliness and good hygiene are higher in a hospital/medical environment. These projects almost always necessitate significant steps to separate patients and caregiving operations from the construction activity, requiring temporary partitions–often with infection controls measures such as negative air pressure. Other infection control risk assessment measures range from low-tech (such as ergonomic mats for trades to keep clean boots in and out of the site) to sophisticated equipment (such as air scrubbers to filter the air).

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Mechanical and electrical systems

The importance of maintaining the integrity of mechanical and electrical systems is heightened for healthcare construction, and backup generators (with an uninterruptible power supply device UPS) are important to ensure an outage does not impact critical facility operations. Thankfully our wealth of experience means that we always have a back-up plan in place when working in live care environments. We ensure the continuous and stable supply of care throughout the facility while work is ongoing.

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JSW Developments

SW Developments was formed 10 years ago to provide a bespoke service in healthcare construction.

We deliver this service by tailoring each job through face-to-face discussion with our clients. (Working through their specification for each job and making changes and recommendations to best deliver the level of care and security required.)