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Building age and functionality

In healthcare buildings, the priority is almost always to create an environment in which the clinical staff can deliver the best possible care to patients.

The age and condition of building components, systems, and design can also directly impact operational efficiency. The more efficiently a healthcare service provider’s staff can function, the higher standard of care they can provide. The increasing costs and decreasing availability of qualified staff are also forcing healthcare operators to look for more efficient ways to deliver services.

The attributes of a facility that can impact patient care and staff efficiency are:

  • The design/layout of the rooms.
  • The comfort of the environment for staff and patients.
  • The ability of the infrastructure to support the technology used.
When significant changes to these facility attributes are required to augment care quality and efficiency, they’re usually accomplished through construction.

With over ten years of healthcare expertise, we can provide the optimal environment for both staff and service users across a wide range of healthcare settings.

Experienced professional tradesmen

Health and Safety Management

Healthcare construction projects face all of the usual challenges of construction in addition to healthcare-related factors. These factors, such as uninterrupted patient care, may require creative construction solutions to execute successfully.

Safety on all our healthcare projects means keeping the construction site as clean and organized as possible. Our experienced professional tradesmen and project managers recognize that standards for cleanliness and good hygiene are higher in a hospital/medical context. These projects almost always necessitate significant steps to separate patients and caregiving operations from the construction activity, requiring temporary partitions–often with infection controls measures such as negative air pressure. Other infection control risk assessment measures range from low-tech (such as ergonomic mats for trades to keep clean boots in and out of the site) to sophisticated equipment (such as air scrubbers to filter the air). In cases where negative air pressure is required, a manometer or other measuring device should be used to confirm negative air pressure. It is a good idea to post a log next to the device to document regular inspections, and to make those inspection records available for review by the Infection Control Department.

JSW Developments


The importance of maintaining the integrity of mechanical and electrical systems is heightened for healthcare construction, and backup generators (with an uninterruptible power supply device UPS) are important to ensure an outage does not impact critical facility operations. Thankfully our wealth of experience means that we always have a back up plan in place when working in live care environments. This ensures the continuous and stable supply of care throughout the facility while work is ongoing.

Design, construction and refurbishment

Design Consultancy

We have a wealth of experience in design, construction and refurbishment of healthcare buildings. Our portfolio in this arena spans over ten years and encompasses all aspects of specialist care construction projects. As a responsible healthcare construction company, we are wholly customer focused and provide a platform where our team can work with you to achieve your required level of care.

Our project management team, are skilled in all aspects of healthcare design, construction and refurbishment; that coupled with excellent supply chain management, ensures delivery of your project on time and on budget.

We strive to incorporate modern methods of construction of known quality, cost and process, which allows us to effectively deliver sustainable solutions.

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JSW Developments

SW Developments was formed 10 years ago to provide a bespoke service in healthcare construction.

We deliver this service by tailoring each job through face-to-face discussion with our clients. (Working through their specification for each job and making changes and recommendations to best deliver the level of care and security required.)