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Healthcare and Secure Services

Healthcare and secure services have physical security in the form of additional staffing or locked doors, for the safety of patients and staff.

Secure services provide comprehensive care for people with complex mental health needs, we are experts in providing a facility that caters for these service users. Such as seclusion suites, anti-barricade doors systems to robust ligature reduced fixtures and fittings.

Protecting all service users within our bespoke care environments is of the upmost priority. We strive to provide the highest standard of care environment to ensure the service users and staff are cared for and protected by the infrastructure we have provided.

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JSW Developments

SW Developments was formed 10 years ago to provide a bespoke service in healthcare construction.

We deliver this service by tailoring each job through face-to-face discussion with our clients. (Working through their specification for each job and making changes and recommendations to best deliver the level of care and security required.)